Lonely Wit


Lonely Wit


A completely improvised one hour comedy special by Jayson Acevedo.



This is my very first comedy special and I hope you enjoy it. Easily one of the most freeing performances I’ve ever had.

December 8th, 2018: One man entered the unknown. One man walked a tightrope with no net. One talented comedic mind discovered, created & explored whatever was going through his mind on that cold cold night in Chicago. No notes, no previously written material, no idea what is going to happen & no thin crust pizza (deep dish only). All jokes, all stories, all one liners, all conversations...ON. THE. SPOT. OFF. THE. TOP. OF. THE. HEAD.

This is a completely improvised one hour live comedic performance from international comedian & top notch improviser Jayson Acevedo. No one knew what was going to happen…not even Jayson himself. But what he does know is that he is indeed…a “Lonely Wit”.

Filmed in front a live sold out crowd at OuterSpace Studios in Chicago, IL (Wicker Park)

A 5 minute preview from Jayson Acevedo's first comedy special, "Lonely Wit".

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